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Kathryn Halls
Kathryn Halls
The is a hidden gem of a gym for nutrition and strength training and I hope to stay a member indefinitely after my experience at CFS. I appreciate the evidence based practice Lisa and her crew provide here for nutrition coaching and for strength training. They welcome people from all walks of life and background and really provide top notch individualized services. CFS truly cares about you and your individual goals. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy Health Care Provider myself with a Kinesiology background, this high quality gym and nutrition coaching really is hard to come by. This gym not only backs what they do with evidence but also provides amazing client support, supports a balanced approach to coaching, provides access to great equipment, has a clean gym with a small group atmosphere, and nails it day at after day with top notch training for a full body work out. CFS personally supported me in successfully building long term life style changes for my nutrition, overall health, improve my body composition, and taught me a sustainable approach to exercise and strength training. Whether you are looking for a short term gym to learn how to work out or to improve your nutrition CFS can deliver. I walked into CFS thinking I will be done in 6 months and found an amazing gym community that will support me as I “train for life” on my personal wellness journey. CFS is truly an investment in health everyone would benefit from.
Adrianne Munz
Adrianne Munz
Anna is absolutely amazing! I've always been intimidated by weight training, but she has completely flipped the script on that for me! She is so incredibly kind, empathetic, and supportive. It feels as though you're working out with a friend, who happens to be incredibly knowledgeable about proper form, the right about of weight to lift, and how many sets to do. If you've felt intimidated by weight training or working with a personal trainer, you absolutely need to reach out to Anna! She somehow makes a gym feel like home!
Amanda Kapugi
Amanda Kapugi
I’ve worked with Lisa for quite some time but I was never fully committed and Lisa never gave up helping me. I was a difficult person to figure out. I was a nutrition client at first and then switched after a steady weight loss to contest prep. A year ago I was at my heaviest and I was in a pretty low place with how I looked and felt. After finally getting committed (not failing the weekends) and Lisa dialing in my nutrition I started to see results. Through Lisa’s commitment and my own we got a good plan down and it’s been sailing since then. I couldn’t have done it with without Lisa and her team at custom fitness specialists! It’s been a journey well worth it!
Kat S
Kat S
I began my fitness journey with Custom Fitness Specialists after learning about physique competitions from a current prep client competing in Figure. I met with Lisa in March of 2021 and since that day have been fully invested in my natural bodybuilding journey as a bikini competitor. I was always involved in sports since I can remember, whether it be track and field, tennis, basketball, etc. I never really focused on lifting weights. As I got older, I turned to long distance running, which I enjoyed, but after having some knee issues decided it was time to give my body a break. When I met with Lisa in March I had just began focusing on weightlifting. My goal was to build my ideal body. A body that was strong and I was proud of. It can be very overwhelming delving head on into a sport you know very little about, but Lisa reassured me I could do it and she was right! Lisa has always made sure she is available to answer any questions or concerns about, nutrition, training, show prep, really anything and everything! I have always felt very supported by Lisa and the Custom Fitness team. I competed in my first show in Sept at NANBF Midwest Muscle Fest. The outcome couldn’t have been better, as I won my Pro card. It’s difficult to always trust the process, especially when you are your hardest critic, but I put all my trust that Lisa would ensure I bring the best package to the stage. She delivered and, in every show, since then I have only improved further. This first season has been incredible and I know my best is yet to come. I've not only become stronger both physically and mentally, but my confidence has grown. Pursue challenges that test you, as those challenges are what aid in character development and yield the personal growth you seek.
Heather Kotleski
Heather Kotleski
You workout everyday and you think you eat “pretty healthy”. On the weekends you let loose a little bit and you feel like you did pretty good on your nutrition. Only to find out that the scale hasn’t budged or even worse, you gained weight. Sound familiar? Well that was exactly me. I work out 6-7 days of the week for 30-60 min but I never saw the results I wanted. When I met with Lisa finally realized I never really learned how to eat properly. On my custom plan, I never felt hungry and Lisa guided me on how I can still have fun on the weekends but be in control with my indulgence. Now that I have my food under control, I’m finally seeing results. Thank you Lisa! If you are wondering if this is for you, it is. I highly recommend Custom Fitness Specialists.
Sam Garner
Sam Garner
I have been working with Lisa on my nutrition in the months leading up to my wedding and let me say... if you are on the fence with whether or not to reach out for coaching, DO NOT WAIT! I discovered Lisa after a recommendation from a friend, and boy am I happy that I did. I was able to meet my weight loss goals over the course of a few months using a sustainable and healthy calorie intake and macro breakdown. Through Lisa's advisement, I also was able to optimize my "gains" at the gym and am lifting heavier weights than ever before. My body feels amazing, not just from the weight loss aspect but from feeding it right. I actually enjoy cardio workouts now because I have the energy to push it harder. The accountability with weekly check-ins helped keep me on track along the way. We also tweaked things as we went so that my program was personalized to where I was at with how I was feeling and what kind of results I was seeing. I would 1000% recommend Lisa to anyone looking to reduce body fat, increase your workout intensity, and lose pounds along the way. I haven't felt this good in years!!!
Steph Lauer
Steph Lauer
My husband and I started at Custom Fitness Specialists to get ready for our wedding. We started with the nutrition program and shortly after decided to join the group fitness classes as our home gym was too cold throughout the winter. We had such a great experience! Lisa created a nutrition program for us based on our goals. We checked in weekly via email and monthly for measurements. My husband and I have both been involved in the fitness and nutrition world for years, but Lisa had a new take on it that got results while allowing for flexibility in food choice. I especially appreciated her professional & direct feedback about what measures it would take to get the results we want. We also loved the gym atmosphere. Lisa hires knowledgeable and fun coaches that give us a variety of movements every week. We work hard, and the programming is never boring or repetitive. As a former coach, I especially loved that the female clients of (all ages & fitness levels) in my classes embrace strength training and proper nutrition. It's so easy to fall into the culture of quick fixes and unsustainable lifestyles these days, so it was refreshing to workout with a group of encouraging individuals who understand the long game & big picture of fitness. Highly recommend Lisa and the Custom Fitness Specialist crew! The non-competitive environment and no BS programming is what people really need to see results that will last.
Emily Reiss Tyne
Emily Reiss Tyne
I've been working out at CFS for the past three months. With the support of the great coaches and encouragement of the wonderful community I've finally committed to a consistent exercise routine and have seen a complete change in my energy level, body makeup and confidence. Lisa has created a great community and all the trainers / coaches show up for every person and for every class. I was intimidated to start strength training and joining small classes, but the format is so good for beginners and the coaches and members are so welcoming. I also usually get bored with the same old, same old and while there is structure/consistency in classes, they also mix things up. I'm also a nutrition client and love that this is about a lifestyle change (and still eating good food!) and I'm learning life skills to better health, instead of losing weight through fad approaches. Come join the CFS fam!


“It has been only 16 weeks that I have trained with Lisa, and she has literally changed my life, my perspective and myself-confidence.”

I have always been a pretty athletic girl. I played sports throughout high school and go to the gym about 5-6 days a week. I grew up in a household where weight and appearance was very important. I was told many times by my mother in high school and throughout college that I would feel much better about myself if I lost weight. I never thought I needed to. I’ve never been a very big girl, weighing around 120 pounds most of my life. I knew I didn’t have high self-esteem or self-confidence, but I was content with where I was in life with my body, or so I thought. I have always wanted to be a much smaller version of myself. I tried diet plans and trainers, but my weight never seemed to budge. I dreamed of having the “model type” body, wanting to fit in a size 2 when I was currently in about a size 6. Without starving myself, I never thought it would happen. Then in the fall of 2014, I met Lisa. A friend had asked me one day if I was interested in training for a bikini competition. It was something I knew would be amazing to accomplish, but I never thought I could do it. After a few months of persuasion, I had the guts to come into Lisa’s office to meet with her. I figured one more trainer wouldn’t hurt.

It has been only 16 weeks that I have trained with Lisa, and she has literally changed my life, my perspective and myself-confidence. I trained with Lisa for my first bikini competition that I competed in in May 2015. I came in first place in the short division for bikini novice. I have learned so much about fueling my body with the proper nutrition and weight training in the gym, something I never really focused on during my “workouts” in the past. I was amazed at the transformation my body made in just four months. I could not have come this far without the help of Lisa. She has become, over the course of 16 weeks, one of the most inspirational people I have met. She pushed me to do my best on a daily basis and never gave up on my success, even when I wanted to. She’s not only the greatest trainer I have ever had, but a true friend throughout it all. You stood by my side when I needed you, Lisa. For that, I will forever be grateful. I am so excited to see what my future brings as I continue to train at Custom Fitness Specialists. This journey has officially just began!


Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to say I lost 100+ pounds!”

I started my weight loss journey about three years ago. I had just overcome a serious illness that required me to have chemo treatments every ten weeks for two years and to be on a high dosage of steroids. I was a Mom to the best little guy anyone could ever hope for and I was ready to live a healthier life not just for myself but my son as well. I was at my highest weight I had ever been at(274lbs) and was ready for change. My weight loss journey had a slow start, for the next two years I dropped about 40lbs by trying to eat healthier and exercise about three times a week. 40lbs was great but I had a much larger goal in mind, that to be truthful never thought I would actually be able to achieve.

So in May 2013 I contacted Lisa Feran with Custom Fitness Specialists and told her I was ready. I was all in, at this point I was about 235 lbs and had a goal of 150 I began working out with Lisa 2-3 times a week and immediately saw results, not just in loss of pounds but inches. I couldn’t believe how fast my body was changing, workouts that were so difficult were becoming easier and my endurance improved overnight. Lisa provided me with a nutrition plan (even though I thought I was eating pretty well) that really opened my eyes on how someone needs to eat if they have a large weight loss goal. By winter of 2013 I had reached my first milestone goal, I was under 200lbs! A number I hadn’t seen probably since grade school. That was such a huge moment for myself, tears of joy (Lisa may have had a few too ;))! At that point even though Lisa believed that I was going to reach my goal, I actually never thought I would…until that day. After that time flew by, the pounds and inches continued to come off and I hit my year in May 2014. I was down a total of 109 pounds! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to say I lost 100+ pounds!

At this point it was not even about the number, I felt great….never had I felt better. My world was changed forever, the way I see things now is so different. I no longer worry that my son is going to be embarrassed by his Momma or that I’m not going to be able to keep up with him (in reality he now has to keep up with me!) I’m not afraid to try new things, which I once thought before I couldn’t do. So, like I said my year was up in May 2014, I was done right? Nope! The workouts and nutritional information that I get from Lisa are AMAZING. In the year and half that I’ve worked out at CFS I have never once had the same workout!!!! Not once! This is why I continue to see results; she is constantly changing what I’m doing and helped me figure out classes that I could take outside of CFS to maximize my results . Lisa also paired me with other people to work out with that make me a better person, I push myself more during those workouts and for that I’m so thankful. If you are trying to decide whether this is for you are not, I say go for it!!!! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain, the time will pass anyways. Lisa and CFS provides the best of the best; personal training provided in an inviting environment that never passes judgment. Every personal trainer at CFS is amazing and was always cheering me on the entire time! How great is it to have your own little cheerleading squad?! I thank Lisa, without her I would never have been where I’m at today. She believed in me when I didn’t, so much more than just a trainer, but bestie for life! Love you girl!!! As of today I am down to 159 pounds, a total weight loss of 115 pounds. Technically I have 9 more pounds to go until I reach my goal, but I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at today. Stronger, happier and healthy


I literally went from sitting on the couch every night with a cocktail after work to heading to the gym right after work.”

I turned 50 in July 2018 and had just completed grad school. I was overweight from sitting all the time to study and using food as a stress reliever and reward. I felt like I was70 rather than 50 and knew I was at a crossroads. I could either go down the path to become unhealthier and more overweight or I could take control of my life and start treating myself better. One of the nurses that I work with had talked to me often about different diet plans, recently she had lost a significant amount of weight, so I asked her what she did. She told me all about CFS and Lisa and how much it helped her. I set up an appointment with Lisa for that week, originally planning to only be a nutrition client. Lisa had bigger plans for me however, and not only did I do the nutrition component but also started working out. I literally went from sitting on the couch every night with a cocktail after work to heading to the gym right after work. I was terrified walking in for my first workout but both Ariel and Collin made me feel like I belonged right from the start.

Most of my classes were with Collin, and he was so patient and kind to me every step of the way. He never made me feel badly when I couldn’t do something but rather just helped me modify the exercise. Betty came along a few months later and she taught me how to really believe in myself and not allow my own mind to become a limiter in what I could accomplish. I started my diet and exercise program the last week of October and within 6 months I lost 9% bodyfat, 15 pounds, and went from a size 14 down to a 10. All while not only maintaining muscle but actually growing it! Normally from Halloween, through the holidays and into February I would gain weight every year not lose so this was an extra achievement to me. I feel like I’m 30 again instead of 50, I have better sleep and endurance for daily life. I also feel I have the tools to keep my weight under control with real foods and counting macros.

We all have times when we go on vacation or eat a little more, but I know at any time I can go back on the program Lisa gave me, so my weight never gets out of control. I have recently left Wisconsin for a teaching position in Tennessee and the hardest part of leaving Madison was leaving everyone at CFS as they have all become like family. I would recommend CFS to anyone looking for trainers who truly care about you, who will push and encourage you but not to a level where you would get hurt. They will watch your form like hawks, so you don’t get hurt and make you realize you are stronger and more capable than you think you are. Thank you to everyone at CFS, Lisa, all the trainers, everyone I worked out with. Each and every one of you touched me in some way, this experience has been life altering in such a positive way it is hard to express in words.


With Lisa’s support and guidance I’ve been able to transform myself and live a much healthier lifestyle.”

I started training with Lisa at Custom Fitness Specialists about 10 months ago. Prior to personal training, I was a cardio-only girl. I would run 5-6 times a week–running about 25+ miles per week.

However, my body was not changing at all. I had no energy and my clothes didn’t fit. I felt like I was stuck and I didn’t like it. I was tired of working so hard but not seeing or feeling any results. That’s when I decided I needed to make a change in my life.

I saw a random post on Facebook for CFS and was immediately intrigued. I set up a consultation with Lisa and within the five minutes I knew that I needed to train with her. I was extremely nervous my first couple of sessions. I had never lifted weights or done any type of strength training–this was going to be a new adventure for me. It is the best decision I have made for myself.

With Lisa’s support and guidance I’ve been able to transform myself and live a much healthier lifestyle. Lisa has not only trained me in the gym, but she has also helped me with my nutrition. She has developed a personal eating plan for me(which I try to follow most days:)). I have lost over 13 pounds, lost numerous inches, dropped sizes in my clothes, gained a lot of muscle and become a lot stronger. I also have learned to love, appreciate, and respect my body!

I now look forward to each and every session with Lisa. She holds me accountable for my workouts and my nutrition. She motivates me to be healthier every day. Lisa truly cares about me and my progress. Every session with her feels new, never boring, and always extremely challenging. I am excited to see where the next year takes me!


I have gone from 333lbs and dropped 68lbs in 5 months. Lisa has a great team on her staff and I have been amazed of the results working out at CFS.”

I moved to Madison Wisconsin in January 2018. I told my self that I need to be healthy for my family. I truly felt like I was slowly dying. I noticed my weight continuing to rise and at the pace of my weight rising I didn’t know if I would be alive much longer.

My family and I were in search for a home in Sun Prairie WI. Living in Sun Prairie WI would allow me to be close to work. I told my self that once we move I need to find something to do to get back in shape.

I searched online trying to find a gym where I can be part of a group work out. I enjoy group training not only to meet people but also to build relationships with people that can hold me accountable to working out hard and eating healthier. After searching several fitness gyms I came across Custom Fitness Specialist (CFS).

I will tell you that I was terrified to say the least. I was afraid of failure but I thought to myself why not just give it a try, I need to become healthier for my family.

My first interaction with CFS was a consultation with one of CFS fitness coaches Ariel d Mierendorf. Let me tell you that once I entered the gym I was petrified. Ariel was very welcoming but was very intimidating to me. Ariel and I discussed some of my goals and we discussed how classes are ran. After my consultation, I drove home and I was thinking to myself that this is it, one last ditch effort to get healthy again.

I recall meeting Lisa the owner of the gym for a 1 on 1 session and I am thinking to myself that this little lady is going to kill me… I couldn’t even make it through a 1 hour session. I literally had to stop working out after 45 minutes and I could barely walk out to my car to go home. But I continued to push through.

Since I began working out at CFS in September, I have gone from 333lbs and dropped 68lbs in 5 months. Lisa has a great team on her staff and I have been amazed of the results working out at CFS. CFS has taught me several things over the last 5 months on how to properly train but also how to balance the training with a healthy diet. I know that I am doing some of the work myself but I can tell you that I was not able to shed this weight on my own. Shedding the weight and becoming healthier again was a team effort.

I have to personally thank the staff at CFS but also I have to thank the 5:30 am class for encouraging me and pushing me to become a better person each day. I enjoy working out early and I am excited to see everyone during the 5:30 class. Everyone in the 5:30 am class all have one common goal and that is to become healthier people. Each morning we are pushing, encouraging, and hold each other accountable through the work out.

I know I still have a long way to go but I am truly blessed to have found CFS and I am honored to have built some great friendships along the way. Thank you CFS and I am excited to see more results in 2019. Keep up the great work everyone!


My confidence, determination and self image are on a whole new level. CFS has given me things I didn’t even know I needed.”

My transformation story… is really quite basic. I needed a new place to workout. My personal trainer at the time was expecting her first child and she worked out at CFS and was also one of Lisa’s competitors. She talked a lot about CFS during our workouts and so I decided to give it a try. My trainer told that the Lisa was great and the other people that trained there too were a lot of fun and would often hang out together outside of the gym. I told her, “I don’t need people, I need a gym.” Fast forward to a year later, I need my CFS people. I would not be as successful as I have been without them.

June 2017, I met with Lisa. She weighed and measured me. She got me set up with my macros. It was overwhelming at first. It still can be. I worked out a few time a week at first but that quickly turned into six days a week. With each passing workout, I met new people, heard their stories, saw their results. I really became intrigued with the competitors. I had a very distorted opinion about bodybuilders. I didn’t get it, especially as a woman. I could not wrap my mind around why a woman would want to do that…..and on purpose. I didn’t even consider it a sport. But, somehow, I got the idea in my head maybe I would want to compete but I didn’t want to share that. I didn’t want others to judge me.

Then, one Saturday morning workout, a conversation was sparked between myself and two other ladies about competing and they told me I should go for it! They said they would be my biggest cheerleaders! I left that workout that morning knowing that I was going to do this. Those two women changed my life. They made me believe in myself. Those two “people” that I thought I didn’t need, I needed more than anything. I would have never had the conversation with Lisa if they didn’t lift me up and give me my final push. As word got around in the gym, that I was going to compete, everyone pushed and encouraged me to reach my goals. I have competed in two competitions and each and everyone of them was with me in my heart up there on stage.

I have had amazing results at CFS. I have dropped 18% body fat, almost 25 pounds. I look like I have never looked before. My confidence, determination and self image are on a whole new level. CFS has given me things I didn’t even know I needed…like people. If you are looking for a gym you have a lot of options and a lot of great places to go, but if you are looking for a place to go and get excellent workouts with even better people, Custom Fitness Specialists is where you need to be.

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They’ve changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this transformation with anyone else.”

I scheduled a consult with Lisa at Custom Fitness Specialists shortly after my sister began a competition prep with her.

I had been a yo-yo “dieter” and “exerciser” for years without seeing the results I wanted. Inspired by the success my sister was having with Lisa, I checked out her group training. I was pleased to learn that she takes on clients at all fitness levels, not just those looking to compete.

It did not take long for me to become *obsessed* with her workouts, the results I was feeling and seeing, and the people I now call my good friends. After only 6 months of consistent training and following the nutrition plan Lisa customized for my body, I felt ready to begin my own competition journey. Lisa believed in me every step of the way: from our initial consult to my first step on stage.

I don’t have enough good things to say about Lisa and the CFS family. They’ve changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this transformation with anyone else.


I’ve never had so much fun getting my ass kicked three times a week. Thanks to Lisa, I am in the best shape of my life at 50 years old.”

I started working with Lisa Feran at CFS in June of 2014. I was quickly approaching 50 years old and decided that I would need to be in better shape if I wanted to make it another 50.

I am a former college track athlete and was in pretty good shape most of my life until I decided to start smoking, drinking beer, and sitting on the couch for that past 15 years. Walking up a flight of stairs would nearly take my breath away and I could feel my belly fat bounce on the way down. I knew I had to make some changes.

That’s when I decided to contact Lisa at Custom Fitness Specialists. Lisa not only pushed me harder in my workouts than I ever would have myself, but she also helped me change my diet.

I experienced amazing results almost immediately. I’ve lost more than 20 pounds of fat and increased my muscle mass. I’ve never had so much fun getting my ass kicked three times a week. Thanks to Lisa, I am in the best shape of my life at 50 years old.


I lost 8% body fat and transformed my body in a way I did not think was possible.”

I began searching for a personal trainer about six months ago. At the time, I was already working out six or seven days a week and eating around 1200 calories per day. Some days I attended group fitness classes and others I would do an hour of cardio followed by weight training. I spent almost two hours in the gym each day, but I was not seeing the results I wanted. I came across the Custom Fitness Specialists website and was inspired by the testimonials of CFS clients. I reached out to Lisa and began training with one of her small groups.

After training with Lisa for a few weeks, I committed to competing in my first bikini competition. Lisa provided me a customized nutrition and work-out plan to prepare me for the competition.

With Lisa’s guidance, I was able to increase the amount of food I ate and decrease the time I spent in the gym while losing body fat and building muscle. My preparation time for the competition was five months. I could not be happier with the results.

I lost 8% body fat and transformed my body in a way I did not think was possible. I won first place overall in the bikini division and won my pro card. I am so thankful to have Lisa as a trainer and to be part of the Custom Fitness Specialists family. Lisa is a positive, supportive, and honest person. She has been a role model for me since I began training with her.

My journey at CFS has helped me gain self-confidence, build new friendships, and become a healthier, happier person overall.


I feel better than I have in years.”

Hello my name is Chris Thomas & I’m 43 years old. I’ve always been active & in fairly good shape without doing much working out. I noticed as I got in my late 30’s I started gradually adding a couple pounds each year. I also noticed just going up stairs & walking around made me a bit winded. I’ve known Lisa for several years. I finally decided I needed to take control of my life by finding a time in my busy schedule to workout & make better choices. I started working out with Lisa in May of 2014. When I started I weighed about 228 lbs. Lisa helped me set several goals & before long I started my transformation. Over the next several months I’ve lost about 26 lbs & became much healthier. I’m now just over 200lbs & I don’t think I’ done there. I am in the process of building a bit more muscle mass to make sure these changes will be permanent. Big Thanks to Lisa for helping me make much needed changes. I feel better than I have in years.


I feel like I’m living again. I have a lot more energy than what I used to have.”

Before I met and worked with my trainer, Lisa, I had absolutely no confidence in myself. I was obese, weighing at 250 Ibs at 20 yrs. old, and eating whatever appeared in front of me. Thanks to Lisa, who was consistently on my case whenever I told her what I ate was bad, I started to choose healthier foods over bad ones. I’m also glad that Lisa encouraged me to go to the gym on my own and not just when I saw her for my sessions. Before Lisa became my trainer, I never felt comfortable going to the gym by myself cause I always gave up after 5 minutes of being there. Thanks to Lisa, I can now feel comfortable going to the gym on off days. I also appreciate how Lisa really listens to me whenever I have a problem or needs some advice.

I come from a family that has a history of obesity and other health problems and was on the verge of being on my death bed before I was even 21. I felt embarrassed. I’ve always had weight issues throughout my life. I have a lack of support at home. One thing that Lisa has done for me is encourage me to keep reaching for my dreams and goals. Luckily, I am proud to say that I am very close to achieving one of my goals-which is to lose 100 Ibs. It’s been hard work and a struggle at times but Lisa has pushed and encouraged me throughout this year. Thank you Lisa! I don’t have many friends, but I definitely consider Lisa as one of my closest friends and I’m lucky to have known her. I would say Lisa’s training methods are challenging sometimes but a lot of fun. Thanks to her methods that she’s taught me, I feel like I’m living again. I have a lot more energy than what I used to have.


I don’t have my baby gut anymore and I definition in my arms and legs! It is great and it makes me want to come back for more!”

When June 2011 came around, I was determined to get back into shape! When I first started Boot-Camp with Lisa, I was pushing 180 lbs. I was seriously unhealthy and completely out of shape. Even though I played volleyball and softball a couple nights a week, it still wasn’t giving me what I needed.

When Lisa started offering Boot-Camp sessions, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try and get back into shape. I committed myself two mornings a week through the summer and to Lisa and Spencer. Within the first couple of weeks I started seeing results instantly. I was excited and it made me want to come back for more. The best part about the workouts is that they are always different and they target all areas of the body. I am not going to lie…It was tough and Lisa pushed me and others each and every morning. When I didn’t show up I was regretting not going and new if I wanted a better me, I needed to stick with it.

As of March 2012, I have lost over 40 lbs and 6 inches in my waist! AMAZING!!!! If you are looking for professional, dedicated trainers you need Custom Fitness Specialists! I Thank Lisa and Spencer for dedicating their time and efforts into shaping the person I am today I have lost a total of 6 pant sizes! I don’t have my baby gut anymore and I definition in my arms and legs! It is great and it makes me want to come back for more!


I’ve since run a marathon, completed a triathlon, and proudly sported a bikini after having 2 kids.”

I was the pot calling the kettle black. A family physician counseling patients on how to be healthy when I was obese at nearly 200lbs. After a blood test put me in the pre-diabetic range, I found my motivation to get healthy. I was able to loose 40lbs on my own but struggled to loose any further.

I thought I was eating right and exercising enough, but my weight didn’t budge. Lisa changed my life. She gave me a nutrition plan which helped me understand a better way of eating to fuel my workouts, and create the fit body I always wanted. In 6 months, I lost an additional 25lbs, while gaining lean muscle mass.

I’ve since run a marathon, completed a triathlon, and proudly sported a bikini after having 2 kids. (WooHoo!) I continue to train with Lisa on an ongoing basis to help me stay on track with my fitness goals. Each workout is unique and she provides frequent modifications to help me safely train thru injuries (none of which occurred as a result of working out with her). From a professional standpoint, her educational background & experience uniquely qualifies her to provide superior nutritional guidance, personalized workouts, and truly amazing results!


I wound up with Lisa as a trainer around a year ago and it has a been a great experience.”

I’ve tried different workout routines over the years and only managed to stick with them for a couple of weeks before they fell to the wayside due to being too intense or quickly losing my interest. When I finally made the effort to join a gym (and actually USE my gym membership) I figured that would be enough to start seeing the changes I was hoping for. Unfortunately it wasn’t until I decided to hire a trainer that I started seeing some great results. I wound up with Lisa as a trainer around a year ago and it has a been a great experience. While I can head into the gym and perform an hour long workout myself, I very rarely can achieve the feeling of accomplishment that I get after a workout with Lisa. It’s far too easy skipping the last few repetitions in a set because I’m feeling worn out when I’m working out by myself, but with Lisa urging me on to finish up I’m been seeing the improvements I’ve been hoping for.

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