Small Group Training in Madison, Wisconsin

Experience Smarter, Pain-Free, and More Effective Exercise with Our Small Group Training

Tired of high-impact workouts that leave you feeling worse than when you started? Frustrated with hitting a plateau despite your best efforts?

Welcome to Custom Fitness Specialists in Madison, Wisconsin

We offer a unique Small Group Training program designed to help you age gracefully, lose weight, and tighten and tone your body.

Unlike commercial or bootcamp style gyms, we operate differently. We maintain a maximum 8:1 client to trainer ratio, ensuring that every client receives real coaching and form corrections in every session.

Our gym is a weight lifting and strength-focused studio, specifically designed for the aging athlete, mom/dad, or business professional.

Why Choose Our Small Group Training Program?

Many of our clients used to struggle with working out, eating well, and still felt like they were hitting a “plateau”. The reality was—they just were not training the way they should be.

Our small group training program is designed to eliminate this confusion and overwhelm. Whether you’re currently working out or new to exercise and not seeing the results you want, we’re here to help you stop saying, “nothing seems to be working.”

With our program, you can expect:

Our Small Group Training Program Caters to Everyone

If you’re tired of high-impact, high-cardio, high-injury risk workouts, our small group training program is for you.

We foster an inclusive, motivating environment where you can focus on building a stronger, lean physique, and improving your overall health.

Our program not only leads to physical transformations but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie.

Experience the benefits of our program, including:

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Our dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way, providing consistent support and expert advice. 

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Discover why we’re the preferred choice for health and wellness in Madison, and become part of our thriving fitness community.

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