Meet Our Coaches

Our certified instructors possess the skill sets necessary to safely and effectively teach clients of all fitness levels – and they give you the undivided attention you need to reach your goals, getting the results you want and deserve.




Lisa is a personal trainer, bikini athlete, coach, and studio owner. Clients regard Lisa as “truly passionate” about helping people achieve their goals through fitness and nutrition. Lisa’s goal is to provide a life changing experience for everyone she works with by giving clients the tools they need to be stronger, healthier, and happier, all while creating the bodies they have always wanted. This results-based trainer holds her clients to high expectations and takes great pride in helping them achieve their goals. Her “gentle push” approach along with her educational background and experience uniquely qualifies her to provide nutritional guidance, personalized workouts, and truly amazing results!

Ron Gratz


Ron has combined two of his passions into his profession — fitness and helping people. For over 10 years, Ron has worked as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He's developed group fitness programs for area gyms, mentored several personal trainers throughout the midwest, and was an area fitness manager for two gym franchises in Madison. Prior to becoming a fitness professional, Ron worked in law enforcement for 10 years and held various assignments including negotiator, investigations, worked undercover, and in the schools. Upon leaving law enforcement, he sold Mercedes Benz then was a paralegal/investigator before settling in on fitness. He got his start working at Xport Fitness in Chicago before moving to Madison to work at 3 area gyms, then starting his own fitness business. Ron believes in building a solid foundation relevant to each individuals movement and abilities. He likes to work with all types of clients but those that need fitness to improve their health and mobility are his favorite. When not training others, he loves to workout, likes to golf, play volleyball, softball, watches Badger basketball and football, Packers, Brewers, and Bucks games. Interestingly, Ron was Coach Bo Ryan's administrative assistant for the UW-Platteville Pioneer Men's Basketball team. Recently, Ron achieved a goal he set 30 years ago by competing in two Mens Physique competitions. He now has his sights set on earning his blackbelt in Taekwon Do. Whatever challenge you maybe having in fitness or nutrition, Ron has the experience to help you.



After earning his Health Promotion degree at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, Taylor began working for L.I.F.Training Athletic & Fitness Club in Middleton, WI. He has trained over 500+ clients (combination of group and individual settings). My objective is to assist individuals with their personal fitness goals whether they are a current active athlete or a first time client. Taylor is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt and in his spare time, you can find him grappling on the mats or working out at CFS. He started fighting MMA at the age of 18 and holds an overall record of 5-2 with his last fight winning “Fight of the Year” in the state of Minnesota. Stop on in and let’s get 1% on the day.  

HWPO(Hard Work Pays Off)



Even though Anna is originally from Madison, Wisconsin, it wasn't until she lived out in Los Angeles that she fell in love with the fitness industry! Having tried numerous gyms in California, Anna realized that every gym had something different to offer their clients and she wanted to become a part of it. Anna has 3 years of boxing experience and has even trained for a fight herself. MMA is her favorite sport to watch because it involves a lot of technical work. Having stepped outside her comfort zone by learning to box, is what led Anna to encourage others to try new things! Whether it is picking up a heavier weight or trying a new exercise, Anna loves to help others gain confidence. If she isn't in the gym training herself, you can probably find her at the dog park or reading a thriller novel at home!

Kelly Silha





Collin has been personal and group training in Madison for 5 years. Working with a wide variety of ages, ability levels and goals has allowed him to develop a simple training philosophy rooted in the best interest of every individual. He aims to help others improve the quality of life while enjoying the process. Collin believes refining movement provides clients the ability reach their goals efficiently and injury free. This philosophy has been developed by years of Collin's own active lifestyle. You are likely to find him enjoying a bike ride, throwing a rugby ball or resistance training anywhere he can find a weight. Each of these activities have come with success and setbacks, "Everyone I work with benefits from my own experiences. I've been injured countless times throughout 10+ years of rugby and different forms of exercise. Each of these mishaps has inspired me to read, learn and find a remedy so my clients and I can move forward injury free. " This quest for a healthier life for himself and others has lead Collin to a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, Personal and Group Training certifications, Sports Performance Coach certifications and numerous health and wellness conferences. Let Collin put his knowledge to work for you!

Teresa Fosdick



Teresa is a certified Nutrition and Health & Wellness coach with a master's certificate in heath coaching. She brings with her more than a decade of experience in the health care field, having worked as a Registered Nurse in oncology, digestive health and surgery. She has a passion for fitness and testing what the body is capable of. This led her to complete two full Ironman distance triathlons, multiple marathons and countless shorter distance triathlon, swimming and running races. She’s also a regular CrossFitter and you can find her at the box most mornings before the sun comes up. Teresa’s interest in nutrition and coaching started with her discovery of using food as fuel and how her nutrition impacted not only her performance in athletic ventures, but her everyday life. As a wife and mom of two, Teresa understands the challenges of balancing family and work, while still taking the time to prioritize health and wellness. Her goal is to help you learn what works best for you and how you can eat to perform your best as well. She wants to help everyone discover the best version of themselves!