Personal Training

One-on-one interaction with one of our trainers

Here at Custom Fitness Specialists we have trainers to fit your every need. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your performance in a specific sport, or just get a little extra motivation, we’ll help you meet your goals.

personal trainingAnd if you’re intimidated by some of the trainers you see on TV, don’t worry. At Custom Fitness Specialists, we pride ourselves on achieving great results through positive encouragement and support, not through screaming at you like you’re in basic training. Though to be fair, we’re not afraid to push you if and when you need it.

Let us help you to determine which trainer would be right for you!

Partner Training

Two-on-one interaction with one of our trainers, you, and a partner

Partner training provides nearly the same level of attention of personal training at a slightly lower cost, and working out with friends, family members, or colleagues can provide an extra level of motivation.

Interested in training with a partner but don’t know anyone who will train with you? Let us know and we’ll try to match you with someone else looking for a partner with similar goals and availability.

Please contact us for more information and to get started with reaching your goals.

Group Training

Groups of 3-4 with one trainer

group 3Group Training sessions consist of 3-4 people groups instructed by one of our trainers.  While we do  set group training sessions you can also create your own group for private group training sessions or classes. If you have a sports team, business, or just a larger group of friends who’d like to work out together, we can work with you to set up training sessions.

Group training is our MOST POPULAR option at Custom Fitness Specialists as we offer 6-7 time slots a day that can be booked through our scheduling website Mindbody.

Physique Competition Prep Services

Train for  a bikini, figure, physique or bodybuilding show. 

fall 2015 smiles

Join our CFS competition prep team!  Contact us for details about our services to help you get stage ready including our training, nutrition, and posing packages.

In the last 2 years Lisa has coached 36 individuals to class champions and 22 pro card recipients.   All CFS contest prep clients are 100% banned substance free athletes.