Fitness Programs Available in Madison

Our Fitness Programs

Experience an array of outcome-oriented workout routines at Custom Fitness Specialists, specially designed to align with your individual fitness objectives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Personal Training

Start your personal fitness journey in Madison, Wisconsin, with Custom Fitness Specialists.

Our experienced trainers devise customized exercise plans tailored to your goals, whether that’s shedding pounds, sculpting muscles, enhancing strength, or improving overall wellbeing.

Individualized training is a great option for those who are nervous about starting a fitness experience or prefer to not work out in a group.

Small Group Training

Experience a smarter, more effective way to train at Custom Fitness Specialists in Madison, Wisconsin.

Participate in workout sessions that are specifically designed to help you move better, build muscle, and shed body fat.

Our small group setting offers a blend of individualized instruction and shared inspiration, appropriate for every fitness stage. We value high touch-point coaching, in a completely non-intimidating setting.

If you are sick of high impact, excessive cardio, injury risk workouts that leave you feeling worse than when you started and left in a plateau, our small group training program is for you.

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching program is truly transformational. 

Learn how to effectively fuel your body, all while reaching the body you have always wanted. 

Our incredible team of coaches will work with you by learning your individual needs all without restriction. Our goal is to give you the tools to be successful for life. 

Click the “learn more” button to see how our coaching has led to 1,000s of transformations and how it can for you too.

Contest Prep

Unleash your potential on stage with the unbeatable Contest Prep program at Custom Fitness Specialists in Madison, Wisconsin.

We navigate you through each facet of the preparation process, from workout regimens to nutritional counsel and stage presentation techniques, all while upholding complete transparency.

We work with both veteran competitors and those who are completely new to the sport. Join our team today.

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