Sarah H

“I was the pot calling the kettle black. A family physician counseling patients on how to be healthy when I was obese at nearly 200lbs. After a blood test put me in the pre-diabetic range, I found my motivation to get healthy. I was able to loose 40lbs on my own but struggled to loose any further. I thought I was eating right and exercising enough, but my weight didn’t budge. Lisa changed my life. She gave me a nutrition plan which helped me understand a better way of eating to fuel my workouts, and create the fit body I always wanted. In 6 months, I lost an additional 25lbs, while gaining lean muscle mass. I’ve since run a marathon, completed a triathlon, and proudly sported a bikini after having 2 kids. (WooHoo!) I continue to train with Lisa on an ongoing basis to help me stay on track with my fitness goals. Each workout is unique and she provides frequent modifications to help me safely train thru injuries (none of which occurred as a result of working out with her). From a professional standpoint, her educational background & experience uniquely qualifies her to provide superior nutritional guidance, personalized workouts, and truly amazing results!