Meet Our Trainers

Lisa Feran

Owner | ACE Certified Personal Trainer | AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Lisa is a personal trainer, bikini athlete, coach, and studio owner.  Clients regard Lisa as “truly passionate” about helping people achieve their goals through fitness and nutrition.

Lisa’s goal is to provide a life changing experience for everyone she works with by giving clients the tools they need to be stronger, healthier, and happier, all while creating the bodies they have always wanted.

This results-based trainer holds her clients to high expectations and takes great pride in helping them achieve their goals.  Her “gentle push” approach along with her educational background and experience uniquely qualifies her to provide nutritional guidance, personalized workouts, and truly amazing results!

If you are looking for workouts that are unique, strenuous, and fun, contact Lisa via the Contact page.

 Trevor Hagen

trevorHealth and fitness to Trevor is much more than just the one hour in the gym, it is a complete lifestyle.  Trevor has been a personal trainer for 7 years training anyone from athletes to the person who hasn’t worked out in 5 years.  To him it doesn’t matter where you were but where you are going.

Trevor has always been an athlete from soccer to mixed martial arts.  He believes that the strongest part of your body starts with your mind.  Once you make the connection of the gym being a privilege instead of an obligation, it makes it so much more satisfying.

On top of being a personal trainer he also works as a personal chef and has been doing this for 5 years as well.  He believes that the other 23 hours away from the gym is just as important and just like everyone else, wants healthy but delicious food.  His belief is you have one true home your entire life, your body.  Appreciate what it does for you and respect it.

If you ask anyone who has worked with Trevor that it won’t be easy, but he will help you prove to yourself just exactly how strong you are.

“You want results, you earn results.”

Ariel Mierendorf

  Ariel is a nationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with 6 years of training experience.  She specializes in weight loss, physique sculpting, nutrition consulting, special event prep and female fitness motivation.

 Ariel considers herself a hybrid well-rounded athlete and has completed distance races along with earning her pro card in 2 federations for physique competitions.





Michelle Labno

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Michelle has always led an active lifestyle — there are not many sports this girl hasn’t played. As an ACE certified personal trainer and an athlete, she knows the importance of being able to move, and to move well. To Michelle the most important goal in any class is to do things with good form – and she will make sure you have it down. Whether you need a modification or you’re ready to take it up a notch, she will show you how to master your moves.
Anyone who has gone to one of her classes will tell you that they are challenging but doable for any fitness level with lots of variety. Michelle exudes positive energy while remaining focused on achievable goals. She will be your biggest cheerleader, get on you about your form, push you to be better, and give you confidence to go further!


Collin Severson

Collin has been personal and group training in Madison for 5 years. Working with a wide variety of ages, ability levels and goals has allowed him to develop a simple training philosophy rooted in the best interest of every individual. He aims to help others improve the quality of life while enjoying the process. Collin believes refining movement provides clients the ability reach their goals efficiently and injury free.

This philosophy has been developed by years of Collin’s own active lifestyle. You are likely to find him enjoying a bike ride, throwing a rugby ball or resistance training anywhere he can find a weight. Each of these activities have come with success and setbacks, “Everyone I work with benefits from the my own experiences. I’ve been injured countless times throughout 10+ years of rugby and different forms of exercise. Each of these mishaps has inspired me to read, learn and find a remedy so my clients and I can move forward injury free.”

This quest for a healthier life for himself and others has lead Collin to a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, Personal and Group Training certifications, Sports Performance Coach certifications and numerous health and wellness conferences. Let Collin put his knowledge to work for you!



Ingrid Simpson

Ace Certified Personal Trainer

Ingird Head shot  Ingrid is a hard working ex-military mom and former farm girl.   As a former farm-girl she can turn anything into an exercise, your most hated will become your favorite.  Her military experience has taught her the drive to push through the hardest times.  As long as you stay positive even the most dreaded times can be fun.  Don’t expect her to shout, scream, or yell as she knows that will not get people to work harder.  Ingrid believes in encouragement, wisdom, demonstration and leading by example.

Ingrid is currently perusing a career as a Physicians Assistant and has worked extensively as a medical assistant.

If you get the chance, ask Ingrid about her own AMAZING transformation.



Chelsey Rodenkirch

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (Pending)

Chelsea face shot  Chelsey has returned to her home town of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin after ending her college career as a scholarship athlete at Winona State University where she majored in Sports Science.  Chelsey is a high energy trainer with the  goal is to get you great results with creative workouts.  Chelsey is also the softball director at GRB academy where she continues to share her passion for softball.