“I have always struggled with my weight and body image. I was involved in sports my whole life but I was never the most athletic girl. I always wanted to be thinner which, in my mind, was more attractive. In high school and college, I struggled with eating disorders and depression.

Last year I made a serious change. I stopped drinking to get drunk and started lifting heavy. I was able to drop 10 pounds by myself and was in a much better mental state. I decided to really push myself and talk to a coach about doing a bikini competition. I did a little research and found Lisa who helped me prepare for my first competition in November.

I didn’t place in that first competition but in those 13 weeks I accomplished so much more than I could have ever hoped for! I learned how to lift properly to get the most out of each workout and all about nutrition and how to eat in order to fuel my body.

I was hooked. I continued working and following Lisa’s nutrition plan in order to compete again. This spring I did 2 competitions and placed 2nd in both and am now nationally qualified! On top of that, the changes that were made to my body in just 5 months was amazing!

Even though my competitions are done for the season I am most definitely not. I will keep working with Lisa to build more muscle to compete in the figure division. I cannot thank Lisa enough for helping me see what my body is capable of. She is a great coach and trainer and an even friend. I know she truly cares about my growth not only physically but mentally, and I couldn’t be more grateful!”