Sarah before and after

“Before I met and worked with my trainer, Lisa, I had absolutely no confidence in myself. I was obese, weighing at 250 Ibs at 20 yrs. old, and eating whatever appeared in front of me. Thanks to Lisa, who was consistently on my case whenever I told her what I ate was bad, I started to choose healthier foods over bad ones. I’m also glad that Lisa encouraged me to go to the gym on my own and not just when I saw her for my sessions. Before Lisa became my trainer, I never felt comfortable going to the gym by myself cause I always gave up after 5 minutes of being there. Thanks to Lisa, I can now feel comfortable going to the gym on off days. I also appreciate how Lisa really listens to me whenever I have a problem or needs some advice.

I come from a family that has a history of obesity and other health problems and was on the verge of being on my death bed before I was even 21. I felt embarrassed. I’ve always had weight issues throughout my life. I have a lack of support at home. One thing that Lisa has done for me is encourage me to keep reaching for my dreams and goals. Luckily, I am proud to say that I am very close to achieving one of my goals-which is to lose 100 Ibs. It’s been hard work and a struggle at times but Lisa has pushed and encouraged me throughout this year. Thank you Lisa! I don’t have many friends, but I definitely consider Lisa as one of my closest friends and I’m lucky to have known her.

I would say Lisa’s training methods are challenging sometimes but a lot of fun. Thanks to her methods that she’s taught me, I feel like I’m living again. I have a lot more energy than what I used to have. I also appreciate how she encourages all of her clients to use Advocare products. They’ve done wonders for me and for some of her other clients.”