kelly L before and after

Ever since high school I had faithfully exercised on my own at local franchise gyms, running miles on treadmills and spending hours on ellipticals, yet never seeing results. What drew me to Custom Fitness Specialists 8 months ago was seeing clients share their success stories on social media along with all the fun they were having doing various workouts and creating healthy recipes. I wanted to be part of a community that valued health and fitness and more than anything, I wanted my OWN success story. I walked into CFS for my initial consult just looking for a nutrition program, and after an hour of talking with Lisa, I walked out on prep for my first bodybuilding competition.

Lisa started me on programming that entailed eating double my amount of food and spending half the time at the gym. I was terrified to make such a dramatic change, but decided to “trust the process” and see what happened. It did not take long to see the results of fueling my workouts with food and incorporating exercises that efficiently build up muscles. Ultimately, I lost 23 pounds and went from 23% body fat to, in 6 months, stepping on stage at 11%. I saw results not by following some restrictive “diet plan”, but rather by adapting a lifestyle allows me to eat the foods I want and easily maintain even after competing.

This season I placed at every show, but I feel I’ve won so much more than medals and trophies. I’ve gained confidence not only in my body, but in myself and what I can accomplish. I had every excuse, I was in nursing school, working, weddings, and love ice cream. Lisa and the trainers as CFS helped me through it all, and I am positive they can do the same for ANYONE willing to “trust the process”  and start writing their success story.