Katie Hayes

“Lisa and I have known each other for about 10 years and we worked together at a gymnastics gym in Madison, so I was well aware of her enthusiasm for fitness and her upbeat personality! Over the past few years, there were times off and on when I knew she had opened up CFS that I have reached out to her thinking “I’m ready, let’s do this”. She encouraged me every time to come in and “let’s talk about it”. I think I did this about 3 times. There was always something in my way to getting into that gym-mainly, myself. It wasn’t until “he put a ring on it” that I felt the motivation to get back into shape. I didn’t know much about HIIT training; my exercise experiences were mainly limited to running, and I had done a few sprint triathlons a few years back. I started at CFS in May of 2015, thinking that it would take me a good year to get where I wanted to be in my wedding dress. I worked really hard over the summer and it only took me until mid-November to reach my goal (about 12 pounds). Not only did I meet my goal weight, but my body has changed dramatically. I never thought I would see the definition I see now on my body. I chose Lisa and CFS because I am someone who needs that extra push to stay true to work outs and diets. I need someone to motivate me each and every work out and strive to do my best. In years past, I had attempted the weight loss and fitness plan independently, but never really noticed any significant results. I can say that in the past 6 months working with Lisa, I have dropped 3 full pants sizes! I couldn’t have asked for anymore! I love the people I have met through this experience and embrace every workout. This has not been a new workout routine for me, it has been a lifestyle change. I have always thought of myself as “healthy”. Now, I consider myself “healthy and fit”.”