” I grew up on a farm, played sports through k-12, even played college soccer. I was in the military and still ran a Navy physical fitness test at 8 months pregnant, and was married to a Marine Corps sniper. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Truth is that after the birth of my daughter that amazing life went spiraling down fast like a tornado. I found myself a becoming a single mother, out of the Navy, and relocating from the west coast to the frozen tundra aka Wisconsin. Moved back to WI when my daughter was three. As the years went by my weight increased and life past me by. Every year since my daughter’s birth I would say to myself “Someday I will get back to the weight that I was at before I had her”. Which was 126 pounds. One year her birthday came and I realized that I had been saying that for 8 years weighing in at 176 lbs. It soon dawned on me that if I wanted to lose the weight that I was the only person who could do something about it. So I started running and working out but nothing seemed to be working. A co-worker convinced to do personal training. I thought why not, nothing else is working. Not even the “Ab blast” videos or whatever else I bought that sat on the shelf or corner of my basement. Yes, I too was one of those. After going to my first personal training session with Lisa, I realized that this was going to be the best financial investment I was ever going to make. I was investing in myself and the future of my daughter. Lisa took the time to explain nutrition, provided me with recipes, ideas and guidance. I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t enjoying going to training. It meant I had to work hard and sweat for 60 minutes! It was exhausting. I thought OMG this SUCKS! I even dreaded going on leg day, for that was the hardest for me. There were even times when some words got exchanged between the two us but I knew she was pushing me because she cared about me and what my goals were. She was committed to me as I was committed to myself and reminded me that I didn’t have to do this alone. As weeks went by I started seeing results and those 60 minutes got easier and easier. It even got to the point where I was excited to see what challenges Lisa could come up with. She opened my eyes to an entirely new life, friendships included. With her commitment and dedication to me I was not only able to lose weight but also built my confidence back up. Then one day Lisa asked me about competing in body figure competition. I was shocked. It’s one thing to be in a bathing suit at a beach and be judged silently; but it’s another to be in suit up on stage and be judged. Over time I thought about it and saw how Lisa was with my personal training and I knew she would make a great competition coach. So I told her “If you get me there, I’ll do it”. Well she got me there alright. With Lisa’s amazing coaching I went on to compete in three show’s taking 3rd twice and 5th all in my very first season weighing in at 132 lbs with less then 12% body fat. I am surrounded by wonderful friendships that I never knew I would have and even a family (competing team) all thanks to Lisa.
The environment at Custom Fitness was exceptional. Very welcoming, clean and highly motivating.
Now because of Lisa’s loyalty and inspiration I am currently in the process of becoming a personal trainer as well. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and for what you have made me become. I once only dreamed of goals, now I set and accomplish them. I feel amazing and on top of world. I can do anything now for I am super women all thanks to who now I can call a wonderful friend. Thanks Lisa!”