“I have always been a pretty athletic girl. I played sports throughout high school and go to the gym about 5-6 days a week. I grew up in a household where weight and appearance was very important. I was told many times by my mother in high school and throughout college that I would feel much better about myself if I lost weight. I never thought I needed to. I’ve never been a very big girl, weighing around 120 pounds most of my life. I knew I didn’t have high self-esteem or self-confidence, but I was content with where I was in life with my body, or so I thought.
I have always wanted to be a much smaller version of myself. I tried diet plans and trainers, but my weight never seemed to budge. I dreamed of having the “model type” body, wanting to fit in a size 2 when I was currently in about a size 6. Without starving myself, I never thought it would happen. Then in the fall of 2014, I met Lisa. A friend had asked me one day if I was interested in training for a bikini competition. It was something I knew would be amazing to accomplish, but I never thought I could do it. After a few months of persuasion, I had the guts to come into Lisa’s office to meet with her. I figured one more trainer wouldn’t hurt.
It has been only 16 weeks that I have trained with Lisa, and she has literally changed my life, my perspective and my self-confidence. I trained with Lisa for my first bikini competition that I competed in in May 2015. I came in first place in the short division for bikini novice. I have learned so much about fueling my body with the proper nutrition and weight training in the gym, something I never really focused on during my “workouts” in the past. I was amazed at the transformation my body made in just four months. I could not have come this far without the help of Lisa. She has become, over the course of 16 weeks, one of the most inspirational people I have met. She pushed me to do my best on a daily basis and never gave up on my success, even when I wanted to. She’s not only the greatest trainer I have ever had, but a true friend throughout it all. You stood by my side when I needed you, Lisa. For that, I will forever be grateful. I am so excited to see what my future brings as I continue to train at Custom Fitness Specialists. This journey has officially just began!”