angie s

“I started training with Lisa at Custom Fitness Specialists about 10 months ago. Prior to personal training, I was a cardio-only girl. I would run 5-6 times a week–running about 25+ miles per week. However, my body was not changing at all. I had no energy and my clothes didn’t fit. I felt like I was stuck and I didn’t like it. I was tired of working so hard but not seeing or feeling any results. That’s when I decided I needed to make a change in my life. I saw a random post on Facebook for CFS and was immediately intrigued. I set up a consultation with Lisa and within the five minutes I knew that I needed to train with her.

I was extremely nervous my first couple of sessions. I had never lifted weights or done any type of strength training–this was going to be a new adventure for me. It is the best decision I have made for myself. With Lisa’s support and guidance I’ve been able to transform myself and live a much healthier lifestyle. Lisa has not only trained me in the gym, but she has also helped me with my nutrition. She has developed a personal eating plan for me (which I try to follow most days:)). I have lost over 13 pounds, lost numerous inches, dropped sizes in my clothes, gained a lot of muscle and become a lot stronger. I also have learned to love, appreciate, and respect my body!

I now look forward to each and every session with Lisa. She holds me accountable for my workouts and my nutrition. She motivates me to be healthier every day. Lisa truly cares about me and my progress. Every session with her feels new, never boring, and always extremely challenging. I am excited to see where the next year takes me!”